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Simple Carryall Fits On Lawn Tractor
Manny Escobar’s simple homemade carryall is perfect to haul tools or debris when cleaning up a yard.
  The Portsmouth, R.I., property owner needed something to carry items when he used his LT150 Deere lawn tractor. Since he drives it to work in his Christmas tree grove, he didn’t have room to haul a trailer. Instead, he recycled a 15-gal., 15-in. dia. by 20-in. tall, plastic drum that had held detergent used on dairy farms.
  The round container works well, Escobar says, because he still has complete access to the free-wheeling lever on the back of the tractor, and he didn’t have to drill any holes on the tractor to mount it.
  Instead, he extended the drawbar with a 2 by 2 by 14-in. piece of aluminum that he slid over the end of the drawbar and secured with a 1/2-in. bolt. To mount the barrel, he drilled two 3/8-in. holes in the bottom of the container to bolt to holes on the drawbar extension. Another bolt, 2/3’s of the way up the back of the container, secures a chain that’s bolted to existing holes on both sides of the lawn tractor frame.
  Escobar also made a plywood lid secured with cotter pins, but he notes he usually leaves the lid off.
  “I use it to carry garden tools, and during Christmas tree trimming it hauls a chainsaw, gas-powered and manual shears, lopping tool, pruning shears, sharpening tools, lubricants, fuel, food, drink, etc.,” Escobar says. “I can also haul rock, grass, small branches and twigs.”
  His carryall has been so handy that he’s only taken it off once, when the lawn tractor needed to be serviced.
  Escobar notes his girlfriend likes it too.
  “When she mows, she uses it to carry a wiffle bat because she doesn’t like spiders,” he laughs.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Manny Escobar, 175 Middle Rd., Portsmouth, R.I. 02871 (ph 401 683-4365; mannysteel@cox.net).

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