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"Never Dig Up A Yard Hydrant Again"
“Any time a yard hydrant fails, you normally have to dig it up with a backhoe. Our Hydrant Assist Kit (HAK) encasement system eliminates that problem,” says Corey Seppmann, inventor of the HAK system.
  The HAK is designed to attach a yard hydrant to a water line. It allows you to service or remove your hydrant quickly from the surface, eliminating the need to dig down to the water line. Once installed you can do all your hydrant repairs from above ground.
  To install, unbolt the locking cap and unscrew the hydrant from the 3-in. brass coupler at the bottom of the kit. Put pipe sealant on the female threads of the new pipe to be installed. Lower the pipe down the hole and screw the hydrant onto the coupler. Turn the water on and check for leaks, then rebolt the locking cap into place.  Seppmann also offers an optional universal check valve that allows you to service or remove your hydrant quickly without having to turn off the water. “When installed with a HAK, the check valve allows automatic water shut-off with a quarter turn of your hydrant. It allows your HAK to become a port for hydrants, quick-fill pipes, thermal pipe packages, and so forth,” says Seppmann.
  “This system works great for livestock watering systems, quick-fill pipes for filling spray barrels, lawn irrigation systems, and homes without basements.
  The check valve is available in 3/4 and 1-in. sizes.
  The company also offers a thermal pipe package that allows you to use your hydrant site year-round in extreme weather conditions by heating the water service from the waterline to the surface to prevent freezing. It comes with a 1-in. pvc supply line and a self-regulating heat cable. The pvc supply line can be unscrewed and removed from the ground, allowing the heat tape to be secured into place while the pipe is above ground.
  “It allows you to service or remove the supply line and heat tape package quickly from the surface without digging it up. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to add a livestock watering system and still allows the flexibility of being able to shut the water off at the site,” says Seppmann. “It lets you service your supply line or heat tape year-round quickly and easily without digging.”
  The kit comes with a 2-piece locking cap that attaches to the top of the hydrant pipe to be installed, and a 3-in. brass coupler that connects the bottom of the pipe to the underground water line. The kit can be ordered with or without a new yard hydrant pipe.
  The kit sells for $130 without a hydrant pipe and $295 with one.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Corey Seppmann Enterprises, LLC, 53910 207th Military Rd., Mankato, Minn. 56001 (ph 800 901-3216 or 507 625-2790; office@seppmannenterprises.com; www.seppmannenterprises.com).

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