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Portable Firewood-Cutting Rack
“After cutting firewood for years on a sawhorse, I decided to build this portable firewood rack. It makes cutting firewood a much easier job,” says John Dougoveto of Iron Mountain, Mich.
  He started with two lengths of 2 1/2-in. wide flat steel and bent the ends upward to serve as skids. On top he welded some 4-in. channel iron the full length of the skids. He welded on metal cross pieces every 20 in. Then he used 2 1/2-in. angle iron to make five H-shaped supports. Each support is 44 in. high and has a cross piece welded onto it 14 in. from the bottom.
  “I spaced the H-shaped cross pieces 20 in. apart because that’s the length I cut my firewood. I skid logs to the wood rack and load it full right to the top. I stretch a bungee cord tightly over the top to keep the logs from ‘jumping’ as I cut. Then I saw down between each upright, which results in a quick pile of 20-in. firewood.
  “When loading the wood rack, I put the butt ends of the logs out 30 in. beyond the uprights so I can get one 20-in. piece off the end before I start cutting between the uprights. It takes a powerful saw to cut through the pile as the logs will shift and often pinch as I cut through the top ones. The bar has to be long enough to cut the full width of the uprights. I use a Stihl 044 with a 24-in. bar and with a sharp chain it’s more than adequate.
  “I have a road all the way around my property and two diagonal roads that cross it. I can drag the wood rack anywhere along my roads, skid the pole length wood to the rack, and cut a rack of firewood in only minutes. It takes much more time to fill the rack and to put the cut wood on my truck than it does to cut the wood. Two racks of wood is more than enough to fill my pickup bed.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John P. Dougoveto, W8803 Lansford Dr., Iron Mountain, Mich. 49801 (ph 906 774-4526).

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