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How To Get The Most From Electronic Diesel Engines
If you own a newer diesel pickup, truck, tractor or combine, you’ve probably had problems with EGR valves, DPF filters, or Uria fuel injection systems. KJ’s Repair Service of Ponoka, Alta., says it can help.
  “Alberta is one of the few places in North America with no laws against the removal or alteration of emission controls. That allows us to reprogram engine control modules and remove the emission controls from most diesel engines, so you can achieve the maximum power and reliability from your engine,” says owner Keith Kjenner. “We can improve any diesel engine equipped with an electronic control module.”
  According to Kjenner, the whole idea of recirculating exhaust gas back into the intake system is wrong. “The goal has always been to provide as clean a source of fresh air to your engine as possible. Instead, manufacturers are piping exhaust gas back into the engine, which clogs up intake manifolds and causes endless problems.
  “Combine this with diesel particle filters which cause extreme back pressure, and with exhaust burners which can burn up to 3 gal. of fuel with each regen cycle and reach temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees. Many of the newest engines use diesel blue fluid or urea, which is injected into the exhaust. However, this system is prone to failure in cold weather and adds nothing to the engine’s performance.”
  According to Kjenner, KJ’s has developed programming and delete kits to eliminate all these systems on most of the popular diesel engines used on heavy trucks and in many agricultural applications. The company is continually testing and developing new kits and researching new programming for the new diesel engines as manufacturers release them.
  Kjenner says the company can also provide horsepower and torque increases by reprogramming your engine control module. “On many trucks and tractors, the only difference between the lower and higher horsepower engines is in the programming. By deleting emission controls and increasing the horsepower, all our customers have experienced substantial fuel mileage improvements, greater engine life, and far better performance. Semi trucks generally gain 1 to 1 1/2 mpg, with some gaining up to 4 mpg. Tractors definitely gain power and also improved fuel economy.”
  He says any diesel engine with an electronic control module can be improved. “Models with emission controls see the most improvement. We haven’t done any work on gas engines.”
  He says they can do the programming “for anyone from anywhere. The customer sends his engine control module to us, and we take it from there.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, KJ’s Repair Service Ltd., Rt. 1, Ponoka, Alta., Canada T4J 1R1 (ph 877 557-3797 or 403 350-7015; kjenner@platinum.ca; www.kjrepower.com).

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