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All-Fiberglass Farm Buildings
"We offer a complete, custom-engineered package for livestock or poultry producers, complete with an exclusive environmental control system," says Ed Rebovich, developer and manufacturer of new buildings made entirely out of fiber glass.

The only metal in the buildings is aluminum rivets used to attach fiber glass sliding and roofing to trusses and frames, which also are made of a special kind of fiber glass.

"We use a reinforced fiber glass which can withstand a temperature range from +400 degrees to -160 degrees fahrenheit without melting or cracking. It can be steam cleaned without damage," Rebovich points out.

He notes that the material is light -- two men can carry a 10 by 20 ft. assembled wall panel -- yet has the tensile strength (30,000 psi) of mild steel.

You can buy a custom designed fiber glass building for machinery, livestock or poultry, farmshop, garage or other uses in virtually any size and shape you want. Coast of a basic building package (30 by 40 by 10 ft. high), single wall construction, and including all panels, trusses, doors and sub-assemblies that can be shipped, is right at $4.50 per sq. ft. Two men can erect a pre-assembled 30 by 40 ft. fiber glass building on only 4 days, says Rebovich.

"Livestock or poultry buildings made of fiber glass can incorporate complete environmental control," he explains. "For example, in a poultry layer house we recently sold, the upper story houses the chickens and the lower floor, below ground, houses a septic tank for waste disposal. We offer similar completely engineered systems for dairy, hogs, or horses. There is no charge for the engineering involved."

Here are other advantages claimed for the new fiber glass buildings:
-The material won't conduct electricity. Consequently, wiring can be strung through the beams without the use of conduit.

-Natural insulating properties of fiber glass make buildings cooler during the heat of the day, and warmer at night, than conventional steel or wood buildings. The buildings are totally maintenance free -- nothing to rust or rot. The material is insect and mite proof, and rodents don't chew it.

-Never needs painting. Your choice of color can be added when the building is being made to order.

-The material will burn if held against a torch but it won't support combustion.

-All necessary tools and fasteners for final assembly at the site are included, along with step-by-step instructions and drawings.

-There is virtually no condensation on barn walls, or in milk houses. Ice will form but won't adhere to the fiber glass.

-You can quickly repair holes or dents by putting a color-matched patch over the damaged area.

-Snow load characteristics and wind resistance of structures made of fiber glass are reportedly "as good or better than comparable size buildings made of steel or wood. They're designed for 40 lbs. per sq. ft. snow load and meet all building codes."

-Because of the brightness of the interior, you can do maintenance work inside on cloudy days without having to turn on the lights.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Edward Rebovich Co., New Lyme Rd., Box 207, Jefferson, Ohio 44047 (ph 216 294-3433).

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