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Truck Tops 1.2 Million Miles In 6 Years
Phil Marsella knows the road, and so does his Ford F-250. Since 2006, Marsella has logged more than 1.2 million miles in the same truck. No, that mileage isn’t a misprint.
  “The original engine gave out after 400,000 miles, so I had them put in another one just like it from a salvage yard,” Marsella says. Turns out the replacement engine, which had 100,000 miles on it when he installed it, has been better than the original: it’s logged 800,000 miles in 4 years.
   Marsella credits the durability of his 2006 Ford truck to the regular service he gets from Buddy Hawkins at Total Tire in Palm City, Fla. Hawkins says Marsella usually gets the truck serviced every week. “He drives at least 6,000 to 7,000 miles in that time, so the truck is a regular visitor here,” Hawkins says. “He gets weekly oil changes and I’ve also replaced clutches, alternators, the air conditioner pump and several sets of tires.”
  Hawkins had a “million mile celebration” for Marsella in October, 2010. At that time, he figured that Marsella had spent about $67,000 on maintenance in just over four years. “He and the truck deserved a party,” Hawkins says.
Although his service bills are significant, Marsella says he’ll continue to drive the dependable Ford that he calls “Betsy”. In the past year, he has logged an additional 200,000 miles, and continues wheeling.
  The F250 is a standard cab model with a stick shift and a special air-conditioned topper in place of a box. Marsella uses the vehicle for transporting greyhound racing dogs. A dog breeder himself, Marsella moves the animals between buyers, sellers, adoption agencies, veterinarians and racetracks throughout Florida, up and down the east coast and across the country to California. “Dogs can’t drive, dogs can’t fly, and they don’t take the train,” Marsella says, “so I’m the one who hauls them around the country. My Ford F250 is the perfect vehicle for the job, and I intend on driving it as long as I can.”
  Marsella is about half way to the all-time mileage record for a single vehicle. That mark of 2.8 million miles was achieved over 40 years.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Phil Marsella, P.O. Box 165, Palm City, Fla. 34991.

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