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Dairy Equipment For Smaller Herds
If you’ve got a few cows – or even just one or two – you’ll like this Austrian dairy company that specializes in professional grade dairy equipment for small and midsize herds. The company’s product line includes cream separators, butter churns, cheese processing equipment and small pasteurization kettles. All are high-quality, food-grade equipment.
“We offer a variety of sizes of equipment, but our smallest units are ideal for families with one or two cows,” says Franz Janschitz, general manager. “They are fully automated, modern and easy to operate and clean.”
Janschitz showcased his Austrian company’s dairy equipment line to U.S. farmers at the recent World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. In North America, the equipment is distributed by The Coburn Company. While some of the equipment mentioned below is available on the Coburn website, others can be found on the Janschitz site with prices available upon request.
The cream separators range in size from 15 gal./hour to ten times that and from hand-powered to fully automatic. Coburn carries the electric-powered 15.8 gal./hour and larger units. Prices start at $1,650.80.
The 3 butter churns vary in size from 1 gal. to 13 gal. of cream capacity. An outlet allows buttermilk to be drained away. An input valve lets cold water be introduced to “wash” the butter near completion. The 1-gal. capacity FJ10 churn is available in both hand crank and motorized versions. The churns start at $2,111.45.
The FJ15 eco mini pasteurizer holds just under 4 gal., which Janschitz suggests is ideal for household use. A slightly larger FJ16 has automatic features that permit faster pasteurization.
“The small pasteurizers are ideal for small herds that need to treat colostrum prior to freezing for later use,” says Janschitz.
Two larger pasteurizers serve double duty as processing kettles for soft cheese production. The FJ45 holds nearly 12 gal. of milk, and the FJ90 holds nearly 24 gal. Both offer automated, digital controls.
Larger cheese and yogurt processing kettles are also available, ranging up to 264-gal. capacity with varying levels of automation.
The company also offers a wide range of accessories and other supplies for milk handling and cheese making, from cheese presses to curd bags, rennet powder and cleaning equipment.
A cheese-making hobby set includes everything needed to process 2 1/2 gal. of milk into cheese. It includes a wooden cheese press, plastic cheese molds, covers and mat, thermometers, rennet, cheese and yogurt cultures, as well as instructions.
Contact the company directly for prices, shipping and availability.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Franz Janschitz GmbH, Eisenstrasse 81, 9330 Althofen, Austria (ph 011 43 4262 2251 ext. 18; office@janschitz-gmbh.at; www.janschitz-gmbh.at) or The Coburn Company, P.O. Box 147, Whitewater, Wis. 53190 (ph 262 473-2822; toll free 800 776-7042; www.coburn.com).

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