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Ice Rink Trimming Machine
“I’ve been taking care of our town’s outside hockey rink for the last three years. To make the job easier, I recently built an ice trimming machine that I use to trim ice and snow lumps away from the rink’s wall,” says Jack Speers, Edmonton, Alta.
  He uses a front-mounted, hydraulically-operated, 5-ft. snowblower and a 3-pt. mounted, 7-ft. blade on his Deere 955 30 hp tractor.
  The problem was, any snow along the sides of the rink would turn to chunks of ice if water accidentally got on it. “Whenever I turned a corner, I had a hard time getting right against the wall because of the chunks of ice. Now I can just saw the ice off at the skating level,” says Speers.
  He mounted a 10-in. dia., carbide tipped bench saw and mandel off to one side just behind the tractor’s 3-pt. hitch. The saw is belt-driven off the tractor pto via a right angle gearbox that mounts on the blade’s tongue. The belt runs from a pulley mounted on the gearbox over to a pulley mounted above the saw, with the belt crossed so the saw runs in the right direction. Another pulley above the mandel serves as a guide to keep the saw from accidentally hitting the wall. A 6-in. wide, 5/8-in. thick steel plate that straddles the blade’s tongue supports the entire setup.
  “It works as well as I hoped,” says Speers. “The saw slices right through any chunks of ice and then the blade sweeps them away. Without the saw the blade would just ride over the ice.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jack Speers, P.O. Box 132, Rt. 4, Edmonton, Alta. T5E 5S7 Canada (ph 780 973-5983).

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