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Tool Helps Handle Electric Fence Posts
"I made it to help with electric fencing for rotational grazing," says inventor Steve Rodgers about a new post handling tool he came up with. "I use smooth, inexpensive fiberglass posts to make grazing paddocks. I move them frequently and found that getting the posts into the ground could be difficult at times and would hurt my hands, especially when the soil is dry and hard.
  "My post supplier recommends using a hammer to pound the posts into hard soil, and they include plastic caps to prevent damage to the post. But that process is inconvenient at best, plus the caps are small and can be easily lost. Pulling the posts out later can be difficult and hard on your hands."
  The 6-in. long Post Grip R tool is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with a hollow knob handle at one end and a deep, tapered notch at the other end.
  To remove a post, you slip the notch over the post and pull up on the tool while grabbing the top of the post with your other hand to keep it steady.
  To put a post in, you simply place the hollow knob over the top of the post and use your body weight to press down.
  Rodgers says the tool is intended for use with 3/8-in. dia. fiberglass posts, but will also work with 5/16 through 1/2-in. dia. posts.
  "The hollow knob provides a large, rounded area for your hand to grip. In dry ground, I search for a crack to push the post into and so far I've never needed to pound a post in, although you could use a soft mallet with the tool," he notes.
  Sells for $10.99 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Rodgers, Heritage Machine Works, Inc., 3268 320th St., Wellman, Iowa 52356 (ph 319 646-2989 or cell 319 430-3917; srodgers@netins.net; www.eatwild.com).

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