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Slick Coat Makes Surfaces Slippery, Keeps Mud Off
"I've been fighting mud all my life," says Aime DuFault, Red River Coatings about his products that successfully repel even the heaviest wet clay soils in the Red River Valley. DuFault, who formulated Slick Film and Slick Coat, has applied them to packer wheels on air seeders, sugar beet harvesters, beet trucks and even truck and tractor duals.
"The mud doesn't stick," he says. "I've seen packer wheels on planters plug up with mud when going through a wet spot or pothole in the spring. They can spin the tractor out. With Slick Coat on the packer wheels, they go through any kind of mud without a problem."
DuFault says customers use the products any place mud would normally collect, as well as other surfaces that get covered with grime. He has seen it used between duals on trucks or on older tractor duals with narrow spacing between them. Where mud would otherwise pack in so tight the wheels would spin out, they stay clean.
"Customers tell me they even put Slick Film on their boats, and it keeps the slime off," says DuFault. "They can go faster or even if they don't, the boat takes less fuel without the slime."
DuFault has combined water-based latex, silicone, Teflon and acrylic in two formulations for the two products. He recommends Slick Film for exterior surfaces where color is a concern. He recommends Slick Coat, which is heavier duty and contains more latex, for packer wheel-type uses and other less visible areas like truck boxes and the sides of dual tires.
"You can see the film with Slick Coat," he says. "With Slick Film, it's barely noticeable."
Both products are easy to apply to a clean surface, adds DuFault. "Just spray it on, and then wipe it down with a soft cotton towel or microfiber cloth that has solution on it," he says. "For a good coating on surfaces like packer wheels, I like to use a spray tip that just fogs it on. Get a good coating, and let it dry."
Slick Film and Slick Coat are available ready to use in 1 and 5-gal. containers. They are also available in concentrated formulations to be mixed with 9 parts water. A 1-gal. ready-to-use container of either is priced at $62.50. The one pint concentrate is priced at $30.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Red River Coatings, 703 Pacific Ave., Argyle, Minn. 56713 (ph 218 437-8512; cell 218 686-8453; rrc@redrivercoatings.net; www.redrivercoatings.com).

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