2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #93
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Burn Corn Or Wood Pellets And Reduce Your Heating Costs By As Much As 75%
The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace can get you one step closer to energy independence and reduce your heating costs by as much as 75%. Installed outside your home, the Maxim works with your existing heating system, providing thermostatically controlled hydronic heat for your entire home, multiple buildings along with domestic water and more. The Maxim M250 has an efficiency over 95% and is EPA Phase 2 Program Qualified. Packed full of features, the Maxim stands out as a heating solution for those who want to save thousands of dollars on their heating bills.
Automatic Power Ignition: The Maxim automatically starts and restarts if needed.
No hand starting or use of starting gels is required. The FireStar controller constantly monitors the burning environment and adjusts accordingly to maximize efficiency and deliver the heat as needed.
Gear-Driven Feed System: The sealed and permanently lubricated gear-driven feed system features high-torque motors for reliable delivery of the fuel. No chains, no sprockets and no hassles.
Large Fuel Storage Capacity: The large self-contained 600-lb capacity hopper means filling the furnace less often, allowing the furnace to heat for days on a single fuel load.
Safety and Less Mess: Installed outside or in a shed, the Maxim is a non-pressurized furnace that takes the mess and combustion associated with traditional indoor wood or corn stoves from inside the home.
FireStarÍ Electronic Controller: The FireStar controller provides simple, easy operation of the furnace with just the touch of a button. It also allows you to customize the furnace for your own specific heating needs.
Heat Capacity: The Maxim is self-modulating and adjusts automatically between low, medium and high settings as the heat demand changes to minimize fuel usage. The M250 has a Btu range of up to 250,000.
Rotating Aerator (Patent Pending): Located in the center of the burn chamber, the aerator is submerged in the fuel bed and supplies oxygen to the fuel for the most complete combustion, allowing the M250 to achieve efficiencies over 95%.
High-Efficiency Heat Exchange System: The heat exchanger system provides maximum heat conversion.
Easy Access Panel: Provides convenient installation and housing for up to two pumps.
Optional Transfer Auger: With the optional transfer auger, connect the Maxim to an optional 43-bushel hex hopper or a larger external bin, allowing the furnace to heat for weeks or more.
Up to $1,500 Tax Credit Eligible: For more information about the $1,500 tax credit, please consult your tax planner and review all IRS guidelines. Central Boiler is not a tax advisor.
The Outdoor Advantage: The Maxim is designed for those interested in heating with affordable, alternative energy sources like wood pellets or shelled corn, but who don't want to give up a portion of their indoor living space and spend a lot of time maintaining or tending to it. It adapts easily to most new and existing heating systems like forced air, radiant floor or baseboard and existing boilers. It can even provide all your domestic hot water. Turn off your hot water heater and save $30 to $80 or more every month.
In addition to heating an entire home or building, the same Maxim furnace can also heat other buildings such as a workshop or shed. It can even heat a swimming pool or hot tub.

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10