2010 - Volume #34, Issue #2, Page #37
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Parking Brake Latch For Farmall M's

After reading a story about a quick latch for Farmall M brakes in FARM SHOW (Vol. 33, No. 1), Donald Jaster, Bruce, Wis., decided to improve on the idea.
  In the original story, Todd Quatier got tired of reaching down to lock the brakes on his Farmall M. He came up with a simple latch that allows him to use his left foot to trigger a lock on the brakes as he steps on them with his right foot. The unit is designed to use existing bolt holes in the transmission cover.
  "I liked the idea, but the problem is your left foot is always busy on the clutch while your right foot is applying the brakes. I wanted to leave my left foot free. My design lets me use my fingertips right by the steering wheel," says Jaster.
  A horizontal rod with a big bend in it runs across the floor from the steering column toward the brake latch. Another rod extends vertically from the horizontal rod up toward the steering wheel and has a big knob mounted on the top end that's located about 2 in. below the throttle.
  "When my hand is on the throttle I can pull up on the knob with my fingertips to trigger a lock on the brakes."
  The vertical rod bolts to the steering column with two bolts that go through a piece of angle iron with nuts welded onto it. A metal loop welded onto the horizontal rod forms a pivot point for the vertical rod.
  Jaster says the same idea would work on all IH tractors with the same basic H or M floor and brake system.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Donald Jaster, N5516 Johnson Rd., Bruce, Wis. 54819 (ph 715 868-8250; k9yli@aol.com).

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2010 - Volume #34, Issue #2