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Epoxy Penetrates, Strengthens Wood
A fast-hardening epoxy product is catching on fast with wood workers, contractors, body repairmen and handymen.
  PolyAll 2000 is a two-part polyurethane product that mixes and pours like water and has great penetration. It was developed several years ago by members of the Guild of Automotive Restorers located in Bradford, Ontario.
  "They do a lot of work on antique boats and cars with wood bodies," explains Henry Mengay, a distributor for PolyAll 2000. "They tried different products and mixes and came up with something to stabilize and strengthen old wood. It also works with rusted metal and fiberglass as it penetrates well and sets up much faster than fiberglass resins. It sets up so quickly that it can harden as it pours. It's good in the field as a quick, yet enduring fix for fiberglass snowmobile and ATV parts. It sets up more slowly when cooled to just above freezing - about 30 minutes - which allows a longer working time. At room temperature it hardens in three minutes."
  Within 10 min. the epoxy is hard enough to saw, sand, drill, paint or do anything else you can do with wood, cement or metal.
  Mengay says he uses PolyAll 2000 regularly at his farm - to fill and stabilize rotted windowsills, gate posts, stair railings, the wooden floor in his horse trailer, for fixing furniture and even body work on his Dodge 250.
  On a deck you can fix any rotted or weak areas. Drill holes, pour PolyAll in and it will stabilize it, Mengay explains. It penetrates and strengthens the wood and seals against water, contamination, insects, mold and fungal damage. It's also popular with contractors for restoring hard to replace insect damaged or rotted logs in log buildings. It can be colored with powdered, organic dyes and used with fillers like sawdust, sand and metal powders.
  "We're also looking at trying to get involved with disaster work companies, where a lot of the problem is water damage," Mengay says.
  PolyAll 2000 is sold in three sizes: $20/8oz., $40/32 oz., and $60/64 oz. (plus S&H). PolyAll has a long shelf life even after the container is opened.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, PolyAll 2000, P.O. Box 1150, Bradford, Ontario, Canada L3Z2B5 (ph 905 778-9010; info@PolyAll.com; www.PolyAll.com).

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