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"Sliver-Free" Fiberglass Gates
Gates made of fiberglass are light, durable and convenient for a variety of uses, but slivers can be a problem.
  "Our fiberglass gates are made from a specially developed composite that won't give you slivers," says Mark Begalske, salesman for J&D Mfg., which makes products for agricultural, horticultural and industrial/commercial markets.
  "The beauty of kits is that if a customer needs a 10-ft., 4-in. gate, he can order a 12-ft. gate, move the end piece in and cut off the end," Begalske says.
  Gates come in 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18-ft. lengths. The upright posts are 2 by 4 by 50-in. and the rails are 1 1/2-in. dia.
  If hit and bent by a piece of equipment, fiberglass flexes back in shape, Begalske says. J&D gates are painted bright yellow for good visibility, have UV inhibitors and are nonporous for easy cleaning and sanitation.
  While designed mainly for freestall barns, milking parlors, holding areas and pasture gates, they work well for any livestock from horses to llamas, Begalske says.
  "We sold one to a recycling center," he adds. "They also work well in harsh environments where steel doesn't last long. Fiberglass is a durable alternative."
  It takes about 10 minutes to assemble a gate. The hinges adjust easily and the gates work on metal or wood posts.
  Costs range from $293 for a 10-ft. gate to $463 for an 18-ft. kit. Gates have a 1-year warranty.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J & D Fiberglass Make-A-Gate, 6200 Hwy. 12, Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 (ph 800 998-2398;
jdmfg@jdmfg.com; www.jdmfg.com).

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