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Birds Deterred By "Eagle Eye"
Chasing off birds in an open area is easy with this new electronic "scarecrow", called the Eagle Eye. The rotating reflective pyramid is powered by either battery or 110-volt direct current.
  The optical bird scarer harmlessly deters birds from unwanted areas using light beams reflected from direct sunlight or artificial light. It creates a menacing pattern of beams, which disorients birds in flight and scares them off.
  "It doesn't eliminate all birds, but it reduces the number greatly," says Steve Blyth, vice president of Feather Free, the North America distributor for Eagle Eye. The optical device was developed in South Africa, and is designed for large open spaces.
  "Set it and forget it," Blyth says. "The only thing you need to do is to clean it, to keep it shiny."
  Many customers set up Eagle Eye with a car battery when the crop, garden, vineyard, or orchard are most vulnerable. A car battery will run the Eagle Eye for a year.
  Eagle Eye covers an area about 300 ft. in diameter, Blyth says, and it should be placed at least 1 ft. above the area to be protected. For many situations, such as gardens or low crops, a 7-ft. pole is tall enough.
  The company's directions for placement suggest avoiding windows or other areas where the beams may irritate people. Use a shield if necessary to block light from going into a window. Mirrors make good shields and make the units even more effective.
  Some customers also place halogen lights above the Eagle Eye units so that they are effective on cloudy days and at dawn and dusk.
  Generally more than one Eagle Eye unit is necessary to cover a large area. Customers have reported successes: deterring geese from on lawns, seagulls on loading docks, and sparrows from barns.
  "It's all about reduction," Blyth says. "When the bird population is in the hundreds or thousands, a reduction to 5 or 10 percent is a relief."
  Eagle Eye has a 1-year warranty and a suggested $800 retail price with discounts for volume orders. Check out the Feather Free website to find where to buy them.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Feather Free, 20925 Chico Street, Carson, Calif. 90746 (ph 800 503-5444; www.feather free.com)

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