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Easy Lift For Roofing Jobs
Faced with roofing his house, Lee Dietsch came up with an easy way to get bundles of shingles and tools onto the roof. He built a lightweight elevator that he could carry from area to area as he worked.
"When you're reroofing a house by yourself, it's not like working with a crew where you strip the whole thing at one time and reshingle quickly," he notes. "You put in a section at a time, and that means moving only what you need into place."
Dietsch used 2 by 4's for the sides with scrap lumber for spreaders. He mounted tracks for a garage door opener to the inside of the 2 by 4's and used chain from two used openers he bought for $35. He needed enough length to extend from the base to the upper end and back to the garage door opener motor that he mounted at the base.
Dietsch used rollers usually attached to a garage door to mount a small wooden platform on the tracks and attached the elevator chain to it as well. He also mounted an axle with lawn mower wheels to the base for easier moving. At the roof end, he attached a pair of metal feet to lift the elevator above the roof edge and rain gutters.
"I put limit switches on the top and bottom so the power would shut off automatically and the platform wouldn't over run," says Dietsch. "I can put a bundle and half of shingles on it at a time. It can probably lift 75 to 100 lbs. of materials at a time. I used it for tarpaper, nail guns and other stuff. It saved me a lot of time."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lee Dietsch, 514 Twp Rd 8 B E, Hamler, Ohio 43524 (ph 419 233-7708).

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