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How To Chase Gophers Away
Those who've tried it say that the perfect mole and gopher repellent is stinky, used cat litter.
  According to an article on the website, www.petcaretips.net, used cat litter puts out a loud and clear warning to rodents that there's a predator living nearby - thanks to the odor of the cat feces and urine within the litter.
  Just keep pouring the litter down those holes and the unwelcome rodents will get the point and leave for safer pastures. It's a simpler control method than using poisons, explosives, or guns.
  A contributor to the online newsletter, The Dollar Stretcher, recently attested to the effectiveness of cat litter as rodent repellent.
  "I carefully dig down through a gopher mound to find the run. Then I pour in cat litter," he says. "The odor will go throughout the run, and in most cases the gophers or moles will leave the area. You might have to do it in more than one area a couple of times."

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