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"Best Buy" Sprinkler Repellent
Alfred Geiger had trouble keeping deer away from his vegetable garden until he started using a Havahart motion-activated water repeller (Woodstream Corp., Lititz, Penn. ph 800 800-1819; www.havahart.com). The unit is said to be ideal for stray dogs, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, deer, and other animals.
  "I started using it in my vegetable garden last April. Deer were eating okra stalks right down to the roots, and also my carrots - I couldn't see any green tops on them at all," says Geiger, of Jacksonville, Fla.
  The 18-in. tall, battery-operated unit hooks up to a garden hose and works by detecting an animal or bird with infrared sensors. You just stick it in the ground near the area you want to protect. Once a pest is detected, an electronic valve releases a 3-second burst of water from a 1/8-in. dia. nozzle. The jet of water goes out up to 35 ft. and can protect a 1,000 sq. ft. area. An adjustable sensitivity detector and random spray pattern prevents animals from growing accustomed to the sprayer.
  "It's supposed to scare deer away, and so far it has done that for me," says Geiger. "The sudden noise and motion of the water is what scares animals away. The motion sensor turns the sprinkler on for about three seconds, and then it shuts off for eight seconds. If motion is detected again after eight seconds it'll turn the water on again for three seconds. The water drains out of the sprinkler nozzle when it shuts off, so when the water turns back on again it makes a hissing noise like a rattlesnake before the water stream starts.
  "The adjustable knob that controls the sensitivity of the sensor is located on back of the unit. If you turn the sensitivity up all the way and if it's a windy day, just the weeds swaying in the breeze will set it off. I learned to turn the sensor down to compensate for that."  
  Sells for $62.99 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alfred J. Geiger, 4909 Dunn Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 32218 (ph 904 768-3648; julalf@juno.com).

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