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Magnetic Mount Grain Diverters
Gackle, N. Dak., farmer Roger Gutschmidt found an easy way to streamline grain flow from his truck box.
  "When unloading grain, it normally fans out wider than the width of the end gate so it's hard to hit the target. A lot of grain ends up on the ground," he explains. "The Easy Angle solves the problem. It's a 2-piece set of magnetic-based Šangles' that attach to either side of the opening. They funnel grain in a narrower flow into the hopper."
  Gutschmidt says the diverters are ideal for the small hopper of an air seeder, but they're handy on any grain box "especially if you didn't get the truck backed up quite straight."
   The Easy Angle is made from flat iron and uses rare earth magnets, which are so strong that the weight of the flowing grain cannot budge them.
  "Many of my neighbors have an Easy Angle and love it. It's easy to move when you need it," he explains. "I've sold about 30 of them to farmers in my area."
  Gutschmidt sells the Easy Angle for $45 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gutschmidt Manufacturing LLC, Roger Gutschmidt, 6651 Hwy. 56, Gackle, N. Dak. 58442 (ph 701 698-2310; shopdoc @drtel.net).

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