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Little 3-Pt. Pump Is A Big Hit
Chris Pappalardo thought he had a great little pump for golf courses when he began marketing the TrunkPump. The tractor pto-powered pump would be an ideal alternative to heavy gas engine-powered pumps. He soon found golf courses weren't the only potential customers.
"I began getting calls from municipal governments, contractors, farmers, and even duck hunters," says Pappalardo. "A fire department saw it and wanted one for pumping out basements. We have a livestock farmer using it to pull water off a manure lagoon. Landscapers in the dry Southeast are using it to load their hydroseeders from ponds and streams when they can't access hydrants."
The pump is built to last with cast iron pulleys and a coated steel frame. The 3-in. self-priming pump puts out 300 plus gpm with a 25-ft. suction head. The polyester pump, with coated seals and stainless steel internal hardware, can handle water, salt water, and chemicals without a problem.
The TrunkPump attaches to any Cat. I tractor, weighs only 195 lbs., and measures only 32 by 26 by 34 in., making it easy to handle. The unit is priced at $3,289 without hoses.
"We included a hose at first, but everyone wants a different length," explains Pappalardo. "We also offer accessories, like a custom strainer that lets the user pump at depths as shallow as a half inch. Most pumps require at least a 5-in. depth."
The accessory nozzle pushes water 40 to 50 ft. from the end of the hose, thanks to the pump's maximum 52 psi pressure rating. "It's not quite fire hose pressure, but it's close," says Pappalardo.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TrunkPump, 980 Northwest Ave., Burgaw, N.C. 28425 (ph 910 463-1282; info@ trunkpump.com; www.trunkpump.com).

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