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Lighter Guardrail Made Specifically For Farm Use
Due to high steel prices, used highway guardrail is no longer the bargain it used to be. That has prompted companies to manufacture rails for farm use that are lighter and less expensive than standard steel rail.
  All Rail of Rutherfordton, N.C., and Kahn Steel Co. of Overland Park, Kansas, make galvaneeled guardrail, which uses an electrolysis process to apply zinc, rather than galvanizing by hot-dipping steel into zinc. Less zinc is used, and with 13 and 14 gauge steel, instead of the 12 gauge used on highways, galvaneeled guardrail weighs about 1 1/2 lbs./ft. less but is still plenty strong.
  "We're trying to handle cattle, not a semi," says Curtis Buckler of Kahn Steel. Because the company stockpiled steel, it has been able to sell new galvaneeled guardrail for 25 to 50 cents less per foot than used guardrail.
  Due to fluctuating steel prices, Kahn Steel and All Rail say it's difficult to quote prices. To keep costs down, All Rail manufactures modified guardrail that is 11 in. wide and costs about 40 cents less per foot than the standard 12-in. rail.
  All Rail recently introduced a complete fencing system, says salesman Tom Calton, which comes in custom lengths to make gates and chutes. They also modify used 6-ft. highway posts by welding on 2 or 3-ft. sections, so they can be used for fence posts that cost about $17 per 9-ft. post.
  "Many ag users also use the W-beam 12-gauge galvaneeled panel for upright posts. The 26-ft. long rails can provide three 8 1/3-ft. posts.
  "Our guardrails are multipurpose," he adds. Placed around a facility, a guardrail fence serves as a corral and a windbreak - some livestock owners leave gaps between guard rails to hold treated lumber that provide a solid windbreak in winter, and are removed in the summer. Cattlemen say their animals are calmer going through guardrail squeeze chutes because there is less visibility.
  While most often used for feedlots, guardrail is also used for feed bunks, mobile pens, and even landscaping.
  With pre-stamped holes assembly is easy, and installing guardrail is an investment that will last for generations, both companies say.
  Kahn Steel sells 26-ft. galvaneeled guardrail and ships out of Kansas, Iowa and Texas.
  All Rail sells 13 1/2 and 26-ft. and custom length galvaneeled guardrail in 11 and 12-in. widths. They ship out of Chicago, Glasgow, Ky., and Rutherfordton, N.C.
  Both companies also sell new and used highway guardrail.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kahn Steel, 6740 W. 121 St. Suite 100, Overland Park, Kansas 66209 (ph 800 828-KAHN; curtis@kahnsteel.com; www.kahnsteel. com); or All Rail, 289 Calton Hill Lane, Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 (ph 877 724-5411; www.livestocksteel.com).

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