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Computerized Gauge Helps You Save Fuel
You can keep track of how your car or pickup is performing with this new computerized gauge. It plugs into the diagnostic connector found under the dash on 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.
  The Scan Gauge II is a small box that plugs in to your car's OBD II port to read the car's computer. It comes with large high contrast LCD digits and a user changeable backlight color. A detachable cable allows the unit to be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.
  The gauge is equipped with a trip computer that automatically tracks real-time information while you're driving. The unit reads your car's speed, load, throttle position and other factors, and computes your current miles per gallon. You can see how the mileage changes as you accelerate, climb and descend hills, or cruise down the highway. As a result, you can fine-tune your driving habits and use less gas. The trip computer can also be used to compute your cost per mile and cost per trip.
  A series of digital gauges help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems by providing real-time data about your vehicle's codes and conditions when the problem occurred. The gauges show your vehicle's fuel economy, fuel rate, battery voltage, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, engine rpm's, vehicle speed, manifold pressure, engine load, throttle position, and ignition timing.
  "If a problem occurs and readings start to change, you can catch things early before they become more expensive problems," says the company.
  Sells for $159.95 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, PES Network, Inc., 4157 N. West Pinion Cir., Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005 (ph 801 400-3242; fax 801 880-8322; www.pureenergy systems.com/store).

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