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"Easy To Make" Hydrogen Generator Boosts Mileage
Add hydrogen to gas and you can improve your gas mileage. The more you add, the more mileage you gain. Make the hydrogen safely and inexpensively, and you have a way to save money on expensive fuel.
  For more than two decades, 74-year-old Robert Ferreira has been working on his on-the-go hydrogen generator. He says he has proven the idea in his 1990 Chevy van. The unit wires to the 12-volt system and the hydrogen gas line simply ties into the fuel injection system.
  Ferreira thinks his system could be manufactured far less expensively than other supplementary hydrogen gas systems on the market. He also says he's making hydrogen so efficiently in his unit that he thinks it might be possible to run on 100 percent hydrogen if the unit were refined.
  Ferreira's prototype is made of PVC pipes, plexiglass and rubber seals made from the rubber bladders found in water tanks. The system is self-sustaining with a relay.
  "When the water in the generator gets down to a certain point, the relay (wired into the van's electrical system) starts, and feeds water into the generator automatically," Ferreira says. "It's so simple anybody can build it.
  "I'm trying to find someone to develop this," Ferreira notes. "Someone younger with the means to manufacture it could make something simple with this and make it cheap."
  He invites anyone interested in his hydrogen generator to send him a stamped envelope or to call or email him.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Ferreira, 9775 W. Sunny Day Ct., Crystal River, Florida 34428 (ph 352 795-0049; robmadferreira@xtalwind.net).

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