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Hydrogen Booster Fits Any Gas Engine
With gas prices approaching record levels, Stan McDonald, Foxboro, Ontario, decided he had to find a way to get better mileage without a lot of hassle.
  The long-time inventor, who's been featured several times in FARM SHOW, wanted a device that he could bolt on and forget.
  "I developed an all stainless steel unit that generates hydrogen on demand as you drive. No gas is stored and it's not under pressure. It simply splits water into hydrogen which is then sucked into the intake," says McDonald.
  Key to success of his unit is that he was able to design electronics that decrease the amount of amps needed to make the gas yet increase hydrogen output up to 50 percent as compared to other systems on the market.
  The unit simply bolts in place under the hood and hooks up to a vacuum line that goes to the engine intake. You also wire up two relays. The unit automatically fills itself with distilled water from a reservoir.
  McDonald installed a unit on a 1978 Chevy half-ton truck and on a 1986 Toyota Tercel, as well as other vehicles. He says it works successfully on both carburated and fuel-injected engines. Average mileage gain is 31 percent.
  "What happens is that when you inject hydrogen into the air intake, the engine sees an increase in rpm's and corrects the problem by controlling the amount of time the injectors are on or open, if you will. The beauty of my system is that it works on all engines. It doesn't take much hydrogen to make a vast increase in fuel economy," says McDonald.
  Two sizes are available. One is 4 by 4 by 8 in. and the other is 4 by 4 by 12 in. The water reservoir is 1 qt. and lasts for about 600 miles of driving. No adjustments are needed to the engine and a standard size alternator (35 amps) has enough power to run it. McDonald says besides boosting mileage the unit also noticeably increases power.
  The unit works on any gas engine, including tractors, and McDonald is working on a diesel unit as well.
  The smaller unit sells for $655 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stan McDonald, 402 Mudcat Road, Foxboro, Ontario K0K 2B0 Canada (ph 613 968-9516; smcdonal@kos.net).

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