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Automatic Drip Oiler For Turbine Pumps
Inadequate lubrication is the leading cause of turbine pump failures, says Lynn A. Flaming, L&M Mfg., Inc. The company has developed a new automatic oiler that only oils the pump when it is pumping water, unlike existing oilers which much be shut down manually whenever the well shuts down.
The "Drip-Well" oiler consists of a spring-loaded check valve that mounts on the oil reservoir tank. It's controlled by a water line that runs to the pump. Just 10 psi opens the valve, starting the flow of oil. When the pump shuts down, the valve closes, too.
"It eliminates unnecessary trips to the field to turn off the manual oiler valve if the pivot ever hits a stop or is hit by lightning during a rainstorm. It also assures that the pump will get plenty of oil whenever it's running," says Flaming, noting that the new "Drip-Well" lets you install a larger oil reservoir without worrying about waste. And using a larger reservoir creates a stronger flow of oil that helps eliminate plugged drip valves that can shut down oil flow.
Sells for $70.20. It's fitted with a manual override for pre-season lubrication.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, L & M Mfg., Inc., P.O. Box 63, Elsie, Neb. 69134 (ph 800 676-3747 or 308 228-2218).

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