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Shields Keep Birds Out Of Buildings
If you have a garage, barn, or A-frame building that's designed with ventilation gaps between the sidewalls and roof, you probably have a bird problem, says Robert Saatkamp, Carlyle, Illinois.
  After he'd fought birds for years, Saatkamp decided to plug up those gaps. He cut out a few pieces of metal that matched the siding on his shed and screwed them in place over the gaps.
  After he had installed his Bird Proofing Shields, he realized that there was not a product on the market like them. He's applied for a patent and is anticipating approval soon.
  "Those gaps are there for ventilation. Bird Proofing Shields keep the birds out, but don't block air movement," he says. "You should be able to install them on a 30-ft. wide building in an hour or so."
  He's currently looking for someone to make the shields for him and anticipates they'll be available through home and building supply retailers in the not-too-distant future. "We'll be making them in sizes to fit the corrugations on steel or galvanized siding, so prices will vary according to size," he says. He figures they'll be more than worth the cost, which he estimates at under $2 per foot of building width. "They add more trim to the building and make it look nicer. And bird proofing should add a little value to the building, as well."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert and Betty Saatkamp, BeBo Concepts, Inc., 17183 Marydale Rd., Carlyle, Ill. 62231 (ph 618 594-5441).

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