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"No-Work" Post Puller Mounts On Loader Bucket
"It lets you pull both wood and steel fence posts without ever getting off the tractor," says inventor Paul Bearden, Altoona, Kansas, about his simple new bucket-mounted post puller.
  It consists of two parts - a steel saddle that welds onto the side of the bucket; and a 10-in. dia., 3/8-in. thick steel pipe that slips inside the saddle and locks in place with one pin. The pipe has steel edges welded inside on opposite sides, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The puller pipe is straight up and down when the bucket is tilted down.
  To pull a post, the operator slips the pipe over the post, tilts the bucket up at an angle so the teeth grip the post, and then raises the loader high enough to lift the post out of the ground. The raised post falls out of the pipe by itself.
  "It's a simple idea but it works really well. Your loader does everything for you," says Bearden. "It works a lot better than using a chain with the bucket because you never have to get off the tractor. There are small hand held post pullers on the market designed to pull out T-posts, but they can't be used to pull out big wooden posts.
  "My post puller is designed mainly for removing line posts. It shouldn't be used to pull out big, heavy corner posts that are cemented into the ground, unless you loosen them up first. The saddle is made from heavy duty 1/2-in. and 3/8-in. thick steel plate so you're not likely to bend it."
  The entire unit weighs about 75 lbs., with the pipe itself about 50 lbs.
  Two different models are available - one with a bolt-on saddle and the other with a weld-on quick-tach saddle. "When you use the weld-on quick-tach saddle it takes only a few seconds to take the post puller on and off," says Bearden. "The saddle extends only about 1 in. from the side of the bucket so it's not in the way when you use the bucket for other jobs."
  The bolt-on model sells for $98 plus S&H; the quick-tach model for $130 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Smith Sales, Rt. 2, Box 91, Seminole, Okla. 74868 (ph 800 259-5303).

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