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Shocking Deer Repeller Keeps Pests At Bay
Combine a successful pest animal repellant with electric current and you get a protective barrier that will keep deer, elk or livestock out of just about anything.
Plot Saver Plus is a 3/4-in. wide fabric ribbon containing five thin wires. It's coated in repellant and can be cut to any length needed and hooked up to any charger. Whether used for wildlife food plots or to protect fields and gardens, customers say it keeps deer and other critters out.
"One customer set it up across the middle of a soybean field, and deer ate right up to the line," says Jim Messina, vice president, Messina Wildlife Management. "All they have to do is hit the ribbon once and they will associate the pain with smell of the repellant."
Repellant-soaked ribbon is effective without electrical current, also. Unlike other repellants, Plot Saver does not rely on a foul scent, nor is it based on animal blood. The natural scent is derived from rose and mint oils that deer simply don't like. It is approved for use by organic growers, dries clear, within 10 minutes, and can be applied directly to vegetables, fruit and flowers.
The company has been making and marketing the repellant and ribbons to hunters since 1988. They developed Plot Saver Plus for farm customers who wanted additional protection against not only deer, but also sheep, cows and wild hogs.
A Plot Saver Plus starter kit of 840 ft. of black and yellow ribbon and a pint of concentrate (sufficient for 100 days of protection) is priced at $74.99 plus shipping. Additional repellant and ribbon is available with discounts as quantities increase. Messina suggests storing the ribbon for future use once the protection is no longer needed.
"The scent can be applied with a backpack sprayer every 30 days," says Messina. "Just walk along and mist it as fast as you walk. A wire hook from the wand to the ribbon keeps it on the ribbon."
The company's products are not approved for sale in Canada.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Messina Wildlife Management, P.O. Box 122, Chester, N.J. 07930 (ph 888 411-3337;

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