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Chopper Spreads Straw With Pressurized Air
New straw choppers from Redekop Mfg. produce a fine residue and spread straw and chaff evenly over a cutting width of over 45 ft.    Air seeder-type fans situated on both ends of the straw chopper rotor provide the wide spread. Internally mounted shrouds pressurize the air and the straw is evenly distributed with a 12-fin split tailboard. The chopper places the highest air velocity on the outer edges of the chopper to more efficiently use the air drawn from the combine.
  According to Redekop, the spreading width can be changed by lowering or raising the tailboard of the chopper from 5 above horizontal to 35 below horizontal. This results in a spread range from 45 ft. to 20 ft.
  Testing done by PAMI showed the MAV (Maximum Air Velocity) chopper is capable of discharging straw evenly at up to 50-ft. widths if there's no wind.
  The chopper is equipped with stationary knife bar blades spaced 1 in. apart, and beveled blades on the rotor that together produce an extra-fine cut. The blades are reversible with the option of upgrading to a carbide coated self-sharpening blade for longer wear life.
  The knife bar bank is designed so it will rotate out of the way if a large foreign object is put through the combine, thus minimizing damage to the stationary blades, the rotor blades and the straw chopper itself.
  Various options to improve a combine's straw chopping ability are available for each make of combine. Redekop Manufacturing Co., sells full-body MAV choppers, as well as rotor replacement kits. Pricing ranges from approximately $2,500 to $8,300 (Can.).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Redekop Manufacturing Co., Box 178A, R.R. no. 4, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada S7K 3J7 (ph 866 733-3567 or 306 931-6664; email: gary@redekopmfg.com; website: www.redekopmfg.com).

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