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He Helps Boost Hydraulic Capacity Of Older Deere Tractors
If you've got an older Deere tractor and would like to use it with a newer implement that requires more hydraulic capacity than your tractor was designed for, you'll be interested in the aftermarket hydraulic products offered by the Klager Machinery Co. of Saline, Mich.
  Earl Klager, a farmer and mechanical engineer, has worked with industrial hydraulics for more than 25 years. His hydraulic-boosting products are designed for Deere tractors made from 1960 to 1990. That includes the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 Series tractors. It doesn't include lawn and garden tractors or compact tractors. He uses standard off-the-shelf products, such as valves and pumps, and supplies all the mounts, adapters and manifold plates required.
  "There are a lot of older Deere tractors that are still operating and they'll continue to operate for years to come, especially if you can upgrade them to meet the hydraulic requirements of today's implements," says Klager. "My products are pre-engineered to work on your tractor without requiring a lot of extra lines, fittings, new bolt holes, etc."
  Those products include: 1) Extra remote outlets independent of the tractor's existing outlets that are operated by a separate control; 2) A pto-driven auxiliary pump system that provides the tractor with extra hydraulic flow capacity, such as if the implement you want to use requires 20 gpm but your tractor has a capacity of only 10 gpm; 3) A pressure intensifier that plugs into the tractor's existing outlets and raises hydraulic pressure for a particular use, such as folding or unfolding a heavily-loaded implement. For example, the implement may require 3,000 psi but your tractor can put out only 2,250 psi; 4) An oil cooler to remove the heat caused by running under heavy loads.
  "Nothing I've done is entirely original. I just put different things together to make it work," says Klager. "Not everything I offer is limited to Deere tractors. The oil cooler and pressure intensifier could also be used on any brand of tractor."
  Klager started off by selling an extra remote outlet two years ago. "I know what the needs are because I'm a farmer, too. But trying to make this idea work has been a challenge. Each tractor and each application is different, and newer implements often have several hydraulic functions that have to work simultaneously. It can get pretty complicated trying to make different hydraulic combinations work together. As a result, I often have to find farmers who are willing to work with me on an experimental basis before I can get a final product out. That's why I prefer limiting the geographic area that I cover mostly to Michigan and Ohio."
  An extra remote outlet sells for about $650; a pump system sells for about $600 plus the cost of the pump. Pump costs can range from $200 to $2,000 depending on the particular requirements. A pressure intensifier sells for about $1,000. The oil cooler sells for about $450. All products except the pump system come with electric controls to turn them on and off.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Earl Klager, Klager Machinery Co., 8220 Klager Rd., Saline, Mich. 48176 (ph 734 429-7327; email: klagermachinery@provide.net).

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