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New Egg Gourd To Be Available Soon
One of the oldest varieties of gourds is the "nest egg gourd" which is a white gourd the size of a chicken egg. But it's never been widely grown because it's a late-maturing variety that's not very productive.
  Through a breeding program, Brent Loy, a professor of plant biology at the University of NH, has developed several new strains of egg gourd that grow on more compact bush plants and sets a much heavier crown set of fruit that the original viny variety. "In addition, I have incorporated several colors and patterns into the egg gourds so that I now have a very colorful mix," says Loy.
  He thinks the gourds will be popular as table decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, and be used during Easter.
  The breed is being developed by Hollar Seeds in Rocky Ford, Colo. Seed should be available next spring for the first time (Hollar Seeds, www.hollarseeds.com; 719-254-7411). Loy is also working on a similar breeding effort with spoon gourds but only has a few color types ready for commercial release, also through Hollar Seeds.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brent Loy, Professor, University of NH, Plant Biology, G42 Sapulding, 38 College Rd., Durham, N.H. (ph 603

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