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Mean Looking Boots For Tough Conditions
When you want serious traction, "calks" are the way to go, according to Hoffman Boots, a company that makes specialty logging boots at their Kellogg, Idaho, factory. Calks are metal studs.
  Most of the company's boots have an industrial grade rubber bottom with a 7-oz. leather upper. Depending on your needs, you can get them with 10, 12 or 14-in tops. The calks are 3/8 in. long and work on the same principle as a golf cleat, but they're made from harder steel so they wear much better.
  "They're replaceable, so when they're dulled or worn down, the owner can replace them using a $3 calk wrench. They unscrew, and you buy the replacement calks for 25 cents each," says Jim Hoffman. "Typically, there are 27 calks per boot."
  With a boot for every season, Hoffman's "calks," look like they have nails sticking out the bottom. He sells 15 different styles of calks including wet weather rubber boot types, insulated leather winter work boots, and one that looks like a hiking boot with a calked sole.
  There are two main winter styles with wool/felt liners that are completely rebuildable, so the whole rubber shell that holds the foot can be totally replaced if damaged or worn out.
  One of his styles is an all-leather, waterproof boot for summer/fall/spring that has a "Simpatec" waterproof booty inside to prevent feet from ever getting wet, even in a leather boot.
  "The two best sellers in the winter calks both come with or without a steel toe. They're used primarily in the logging industry or by hunters walking through areas with a lot of timber on the ground. There's nothing better for traction and self defense," Hoffman jokes.
  A wet weather, spring-type boot called the 14-in. steel toe Viking Calk/regular features chainsaw resistant rubber layers and at first glance, looks like a regular rubber boot with "attitude."
  Contact Hoffman Boots for a free product catalog for pricing.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hoffman Boots, Jim Hoffman, 100 East Riverside, Kellogg, Idaho 83837 (ph 800 925-1599 or 208 786-4851; fax 208 786-4301; email: jim@hoffmanboots.com, website: www.hoffmanboots.com).

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