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Vacuum Pump Containers Keep Food Fresh Longer
Eating healthy would be easier if fruits and vegetables lasted longer.
  New Pump-N-Store containers have a built-in vacuum pump that pumps out air and keeps food fresher longer.
  Lettuce stored in the refrigerator will last between 3 to 6 days but in a Pump-N-Store container, it lasts about 2 weeks. Berries last 1 to 3 days in the refrigerator but will stay fresh for a week in a vacuumed container. Even large cuts of meat last about 6 months in the freezer but 2 to 3 years if stored in a Pump-N-Store container.
  Other advantages of vacuumed containers include no freezer burn because items aren't exposed to air. Meats and fish also marinade in minutes when vacuum packaged in canisters because as the air is removed, the meat's pores open up and allow the marinade to penetrate.
  To use, pump the knob at the center of the lid to extract the air and then lock the knob in place. That's it. Opening it is just as simple. "Press the button on the top and you'll hear the ssssssswwwwwwwhhhhhh sound of air coming back in," says Liv Odegard, Account Executive of The JB Chamberland Group.
  The acrylic stackable containers come in sizes from 32 to 92 oz. They cost $13 to $17 and are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  The Pump-N-Store is sold at Dillards, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers. Odegard says other shaped containers will come out this fall.
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