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Tray Lift For Case-IH Combines
"It allows one person to easily raise or lower the tray under the straw chopper from outside the combine," says Wayne Noomen, NooWay Enterprises, Inc., about his new "Tray Lift" for Case-IH Axial Flow combines.
  The patented Tray Lift consists of a set of steel brackets that bolt to each side of the combine. The brackets bolt onto the combine without any pre-drilling and come with linkage that attaches to the rear bolt of the tray.
  "It takes only minutes to install and has a lot of leverage so it's easy to use," says Noomen. "The tray on Case-IH Axial Flow combines is equipped with stationary knives and is held in position by two bolts on each side of the combine. When harvesting soybeans, the tray should be drawn up close to the chopper knives. For corn, the tray should be lowered so that cobs and husks fall through to the ground. However, raising the tray is a big job because there's nothing on the outside of the combine that can be used to raise it. One person has to go inside the combine and hold the tray up while another person on the outside tightens the bolts to hold it in place.
  "If you don't raise the tray for soybeans you can end up doing a lousy job chopping straw. If you don't lower the tray for corn, cobs and other material can bounce back from inside the combine and bend the rear section of the sieves.
  "To raise the tray with my Tray Lift, you simply loosen two bolts in slotted holes on each side of the combine and move a lever until a lock automatically engages to hold it in the raised position. To lower the tray, a smaller lock release lever is moved first. Then the tray can be lowered. The two bolts on each side can then be retightened."
  Fits all Case-IH Axial Flow models equipped with choppers from 1982 to present.
  Sells for $189 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, NooWay Enterprises, Inc., 2756 181st St., Currie, Minn. 56123 (ph 507 859-2089).

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