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Deere Drill Designed For Both Corn And Beans
One of the hottest new products at the recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., was Deere's new 1535 Tru-Vee drill the industry's first drill designed to plant both corn and beans with single seed precision, according to the company.
  The key feature of the new drill is that it meters seed at the row to provide accurate seed drop and spacing. Two seed meters are available a radial meter for singulating soybeans and a finger pickup meter for planting corn. New plastic, 1/10th-bu. mini hoppers mount above each meter in a typical planter fashion. A 3-in. dia. hose continuously feeds the mini hoppers from the drill's 42-bu. (15-ft. model) or 40-bu. (20-ft. model) main seed box.
  The new seeder comes equipped with a high capacity, central-fill seed box and "Max-Emerge Plus" row units. It's available in 15 and 20-ft. sizes and plants in either 15 or 30-in. rows.
  "The unit plants corn in 30-in. rows with the in-row spacing and depth accuracy of a planter. It plants beans in 15-in. rows more accurately than any other drill on the market. And it can deliver this accuracy under virtually any condition," says the company.
  The 15-ft. model can be equipped with 11 openers for planting beans on 15-in. rows. Lock up every other row and it becomes a 6-row, 30-in. corn planter. The 20-ft. model can be equipped with either 15 openers for planting beans on 15-in. rows. By locking up every other row it becomes an 8-row, 30-in. corn planter.
  Population selection and seed meter drives are similar to planter operation. Two ground-drive wheels drive the planter-style transmission. Fifty population settings and spring-loaded idlers make population selection easy. The drive output of the planter's transmission turns the drill shaft and seed meter drive chains.
  Down-force pressure can be adjusted with the drill's pneumatic down-force system or standard heavy-duty down-force springs. Both are adjustable for up to 400 lbs. of force to each opener.
  Optional unit-mounted coulters are available for slicing through residue. By mounting a Deere 1570 Caddie Cart on front of the drill it can be pulled behind a smaller row crop tractor (75 hp minimum) since the cart takes all the weight off the tractor's 3-pt. hitch.
  No meters have yet been developed for wheat. Only 25 of the new drills were built this year and they've all been sold out.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Deere Co., John Deere Road, Moline, Ill. 61265.

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