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Add-On Tractor Bracket Lets You Front-Mount Any Row Crop Cultivator
You get a better view of a row crop cultivator when it's mounted up front. The problem is, there's no easy way to mount a conventional cultivator on a front 3-pt. hitch.
  Laforge Systems says it has come up with a simple solution: a toolbar system that clamps onto any existing cultivator.
  "It's a very simple but flexible solution that fits almost any cultivator equipped with a 7 by 7 or 5 by 7 toolbar. The row spacing doesn't matter," says Lars Paulsson of LaForge. "We came up with the idea because we see a lot of growers struggling to find a good way to front-mount their cultivators. Turning the row units around and pushing them ahead of the toolbar doesn't work because the row unit parallel linkage isn't designed to work ębackward'. As far as we know no one else offers a commercial bracket that lets you front-mount an existing cultivator.
  "The only limitation is the weight of the cultivator, which is more important than the number of rows. We recommend using a 4-WD or front wheel assist tractor."
  The system consists of a 3-piece toolbar with one crossbar just ahead of the 3-pt. that supports two bars that extend forward to clamp to the cultivator toolbar.
  Sells for $1,725 plus S&H. Laforge also sells add-on 3-pt. hitches.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Laforge System, Inc., 4425 C Treat Blvd., Suite 230, Concord, Cal. 94521 (ph 800 422-5636 or 925 827-2010; fax 925 689-7198; Website: www.fronthitch.com).

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