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"Double Plastic" Bale Wrap Kit
"It lets you wrap twice as fast and is three times as puncture-resistant as plastic put on one layer at a time," says Oscar Frey of Horst Welding about the company's new double plastic bale wrap system.
  Horst Welding makes the Tube-Line bale wrapper which wraps long lines of round or square bales. Until now, bales have been wrapped with single layers of plastic that are overlapped to apply multiple layers of plastic.
  The new system "laminates" two layers of plastic together as it's wrapped around the bale. The two rolls mount together. A set of knurled aluminum rollers stretch the plastic tightly together as it comes off the rolls. The plastic sticks tightly together, forming one heavy layer which Frey says is stronger than simply wrapping two layers around a bale.
  "You can't separate the two layers of plastic with your fingers. They bond together, forming a much stronger barrier that's harder to penetrate," notes Frey. You can wrap faster because you only have to overlap half as much and the plastic goes further so you don't have to reload rolls of plastic as often.
  Frey says the concept of laminating two layers of plastic together would work on any bale wrapper. He sells a kit to fit his Tube-Line bale wrapper for $225 (Canadian).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Oscar Frey, Horst Welding, RR3, Listowel, Ontario N4W 3G8 Canada (ph 519 291-4162; fax 519 291-5388; E-mail: tubeline@horst welding.com).

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