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2-Ton "Cargo Truck" Fitted With Gooseneck, Dump Bed
Steve Aggert used to use a 1-ton pickup to pull a 36-ft. trailer and to haul heavy loads with the truck's hydraulic dump bed. But the heavy loads were wearing out the pickup's clutch and transmission. He solved the problem by removing the dump bed and hoist and remounting it on a modified 1988 2-ton Ford cab-over city delivery truck which he bought used.
  The truck is powered by a 6-cyl. turbocharged diesel engine. Its wheelbase is only 9 ft. long.
  "It has a bigger transmission and differential than the pickup so it can handle heavy loads with no problems," says Aggert. "It also looks nice although we do get a lot of strange looks from other truck drivers who can't figure out what it is."
  Aggert notes that Don Moss, a local welder, did most of the work. He cut 13 ft. out of the truck frame, moved the rear axle forward, and then welded the frame back together. The spring hangers on the frame were turned upside down so that the shortened truck would ride better. He mounted a toolbox between the cab and dump bed and also replaced the original plastic fenders, which were broken, with heavy duty ones that he made out of diamond steel plate.
  "It's nice looking and can handle any job with no problems," says Aggert. "The dump bed works great for hauling dirt, rocks, landscaping mulch, and other heavy loads for our lawn and tree care business. We use the trailer to haul small tractors and seeding equipment. A receiver hitch on back of the flatbed can be used to pull straw blowers, water wagons, etc.
  "We bought the truck through a local Ford dealer for $7,500. It had about 150,000 miles on it but because it was a fleet truck it had been well maintained so we weren't concerned. The 9-ft. long wheelbase is actually shorter than the 1-ton pickup's wheelbase so it turns short. The cab tilts forward which makes it easy to access the engine.
  "I think any farmer should look at buying used 2-ton fleet delivery trucks and converting them to pull gooseneck trailers. You can probably buy four used 2-ton trucks for the price of a new 1-ton pickup."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Aggert, Earth Care Lawn & Tree Co., 17484 Sangamon-Menard Co. Rd., Ashland, Ill. 62612 (ph 217 476-8270; fax 8177).

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