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"Wrap-Around" Bumper Guard
The entire front end of a pickup is protected by this new wrap-around "Iron Mask" bumper with grille guard made by Granger Industries, Inc., Iola, Kan..
  It slants back on both sides to fully protect the headlights and turn signal lights. The lower part of the guard, which replaces the original bumper, is made from 3-in. sq., 3/16-in. thick steel tubing and 3/16-in. steel plate while the upper grille guard is made from 11-ga. sq. steel tubing and 1/4-in. thick steel plate.
  "It's built stronger than most replacement factory bumpers yet costs less," says a company spokesman. "Our company has been building bumpers for tow trucks for years. This is just a redesigned version of the ones we build for tow trucks."
  The units bolt directly to the frame (some drilling may be needed on older models). They're painted either a glossy black or a flat black primer (if you want to paint the unit to match your pickup).
  Sells for the following prices: All Chevy bumpers, $669 plus S&H; 1992-97 Ford 250/350/450's, $669 plus S&H; 1992-99 Ford F-150s, $769 plus S&H; 1999 Ford F250/350/450/550s, $769 plus S&H; 1993-99 Dodge Rams $769 plus S&H.
  Straight styles are available for older model trucks, including 1983-88 Chevy/GMC, 1983-92 Dodge, and 1978-86 Ford F-series. They sell for $569 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Granger Industries, Inc., 1802 East St., Iola, Kan. 66749 (ph 800 824-0880 or 316 365-2727; fax 7712).

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