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Simple System Lets One Auger Load Four Different Bins
"It does the work of a commercial elevator leg but was a lot less expensive. We can move grain from our dryer to any of our four bins with just one auger," says Roger Vaags, Dugald, Manitoba, about his simple grain-moving system that consists of a 12-ft. tall "pivot stand" positioned between four large bins arranged in a square pattern.
  The "pivot stand" is a 5-in. dia. pipe with a 15-ft. long auger mounted on top that can reach all four bins. An auger from the grain dryer delivers grain to the top of the pivot stand and then it's augered to each bin. The bin auger is belt-driven by a 2 hp electric motor mounted at the top of the pivot stand. To provide access a steel ladder is welded to the pivot stand and a steel catwalk is welded to the top of the bin auger.
  To pivot the bin auger, Vaags mounted the pivot stand in a concrete "socket" that allows it to turn freely. A steel disc mounted at the base of the pivot stand pipe contains a series of four holes which match up with holes in another disc embedded in the concrete pad. To rotate the bin auger to a different bin Vaags simply pulls a pin that connects the two discs, then rotates the pivot stand and reinserts the pin.
  "It's a simple, low-cost system that lets us load grain into any of our four bins without a lot of hassle," says Vaags. "When one bin is full we pull a pin and pivot the auger 90 degrees to the next bin. The two augers together can move 700 to 800 bu. per hour. We use it only to load the bins with grain coming out of the dryer. If the grain that comes out of the field is already dry we use another auger to deliver it directly into the bins."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Vaags, Box 89, Dugald, Manitoba, Canada R0E 0K0 (ph 204 853-2009).

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