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Labor Saving Portable Saw
"I'm retired so we built this machine to make it easier to cut logs for splitting," says Cornelius L. Loewen, Arborg, Manitoba.
The portable splitter is powered by a Falcon car engine that drives the 24-in. blade with two V-belts. The saw arm moves up and down hydraulically. A flywheel, belt-driven from the saw mandrel, was fashioned from a car wheel with spindle and bearings. (Loewen says the addition of the flywheel lowered fuel consumption from 5 gal. per 8 cords of wood to 5 gal. per 20 cords of wood. The flywheel, not shown in the photo accompanying this story, is hinged to move with the saw blade.)
A key feature of the sawmill is the conveyor feeder table that's outfitted with rollers to make it easy to roll wood into the saw blade. A wood length gauge flips up into position as needed.
A tilting, upholstered seat lets the saw operator work in comfort. When temperatures get cold, a foot warmer helps keep him warm. An electric drive unit moves the splitter forward and back to keep close to logs as the wood pile shrinks.
"It's possible to saw a cord of wood in 10 min. if the men and wood are of the right type," says Loewen.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cornelius L. Loewen, Box 962, Arborg, Manitoba Canada (ph 204 378-2422).

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