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System For Raising Chickens On Open Range
We've come up with a complete system for safely and efficiently raising chickens on open range. We sell portable plastic pens that measure 12 ft. long, 8 ft. wide, and 2 ft. high and are screened over with chicken wire. Part of the roof is covered with poly cloth that provides shelter from bad weather. The sides of the pen can also be closed in with poly cloth. If it rains or gets cold, the 75 to 80 birds in each pen huddle together in the closed-in, protected area. There's a small trough feeder in each pen as well as a waterer.
  A large access hatch allows you to feed, water, and catch the birds. Flaps on the end of the hooped top can be dropped down to allow better ventilation in hot weather. The poly pipe frame can be filled with water as a ballast to withstand heavy winds.
  Wooden pens are more prone to weather damage and natural deterioration. The pen and feeding and watering equipment for it sells for about $325 plus S&H.
  We also offer a line of processing equipment including a rotary kill line, scalder, picker, evisceration table, and related equipment. (Keith Perron, Brower Poultry Equipment, Box 2000, Houghton, Iowa 52631 ph 800 553-1791 or 319 469-4141; fax 4402)

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