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"Super Weeder" Grass, Weed, And Brush Trimmer
My kids kept breaking string off the Weed Eater they were using to cut heavy weeds along fence lines on our farm. That's when I decided to invent the "Super Weeder" grass, weed, and brush trimmer. It consists of a circular steel head fitted with two freely rotating, 4-in. long, stainless steel blades that bolt on in place of the original plastic head on most Weed Eater-type string trimmers. One big advantage is that the blades are much sharper than string or plastic blades. As a result, when they cut the grass it drops immediately to the ground without getting all over your clothes or on you. It also eliminates the need to mess with broken string or worn out and broken plastic blades. The steel blades also work great in heavy weeds and brush. They can easily be sharpened using a file or grinder. We had a tremendous response to this product at the recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.
  Sells for $24.95 plus S&H. (Ed Silver, Silver Enterprizes, 5001 Tobacco Road, LaGrange, Ky. 40031 ph 502 222-6127)

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