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Streach Limousine Dually Pickup
Your story on the "world's longest pickup" (Vol. 22, No. 6) caught my attention since I recently built a 24-ft. stretched limousine dually pickup. I married the front half of a 1991 GMC 4-door crew cab pickup to the back half of a 1984 Chevy 4-door crew cab pickup. I bought the 1991 model at a city auction and cut it through the middle of the back doors. I bought the 1984 model at a wrecking yard and cut it through the middle of the front doors. I hired a welder to beef up the frame and lengthen it an additional 38 in.
  A roof panel off a Chevy Suburban was welded to the top of both cabs in order to hide the joint welds between them and we painted the pickup black. A commercial company redid the interior and I'm installing a wet bar, TV, and VCR.
  The pickup is powered by a 350 cu. in., 350 hp engine coupled to a 5-speed transmission. It has a 198-in. long wheelbase so we had to lengthen the driveshaft and install two carrier bearings to support it.
  It's fascinating to watch people try to figure it out. Many of them crawl underneath to see where we stretched the frame.
  I want to thank Danny West of West Diesel, Hereford, Texas, for helping me on the project. (Jim Bob Perrin, Rt. 4, Box 146, Hereford, Texas 79045 ph 806 289-5876)

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