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Equip Your Drill With Seed Tubes
"It's just like the seed tube on a Max Emerge planter," says Joe Whitney of SI Manufacturing, Spencerville, Ohio, distributor of a new add-on seed tube for grain drills that is designed to greatly improve the planting accuracy, particularly in soybeans, of John Deere and IH grain drills.
"Anyone who digs up seed behind a grain drill knows he doesn't get anywhere near the accuracy in planting small grains or soybeans as conventional corn and soybean planters. These tubes improve both the depth control and spacing by carrying the seed directly down into the bottom of the seed furrow so that there's no bounce or drop at all," says Whitney, adding that, "If a Max-Emerge planter plants soybeans with 100% accuracy and a conventionally equipped grain drill plants with 50% accuracy, these tubes improve grain drills to 75%. There will still be some inaccuracy in spacing but you won't find seed on top of the ground."
According to Whitney, there is only one drill on the market that comes factory equipped with seed tubes, and he says he's amazed farmers have put up with the seed drop on drills, especially when drilling soybeans.
The metal seed tubes attach quickly to all John Deere 8000 series drills and all International 510 and 620 drills and sell for $14.95 apiece.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, SI Mfg., Hwy. 117, Spencerville, Ohio 45887 (ph 419 647-4444).

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