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Do It Yourself Gasket Punching Tool
I have patented a new do-it-yourself gasket punching tool. It has a punch handle at center and 10 punch cutters which screw onto the handle. A spring-loaded centering punch retracts on impact. You simply attach a cutter to the punch handle, put your gasket paper on a block of wood, and strike the handle with a hammer. It will cut out a round hole the precise size of the cutter. Saves a lot of money buying commercial gaskets. Lets you make your own rubber sealing gaskets on water lines, tubing flanges, etc. Anyplace you need a precise hole cut (it even works to cut belt holes).
I am making these precision-machined tools myself and have already sold more than 45 sets. It comes in a small wooden case. Sells for $25 (plus postage). (Eugene S. Balamucki, 5944 80th, Mecosta, Mich. 49332 ph 616 972-2891)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #3