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Lift Up Remote Control Gate
An old pump jack makes a good "straight up" gate lifter, according to Minnesota farmer Myron Kvittem who used the idea to make a powered gate in his cattle yard that he can control from inside his barn.
The advantage of a lift up gate is that it's not affected by snow or mud when opening and also cattle can be crowded up against it on either side and it'll still open.
"I can open and close the gate from inside the barn by flipping an electric switch. Lets me feed three different groups of cattle from one feeding station by letting them through one group at a time. With a little help from our dog, the cattle quickly learned when it was time to come and go so that I don't even have to leave the barn. They do it on their own," he says.
The base of the gate is hinged to a small cement slab. The pump jack and electric motor also mount on the slab. The only change Kvittem made to the pump jack was to add an extra pulley and belt to slow down the speed of the unit. A long spring applies tension to the gate so it raises and lowers smoothly.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Myron R. Kvittem, Rt. 3, Box 152, Kenyon, Minn. 55946 (ph 507 789-5558).

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