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Splitter Improves Crop Fow Into Combine
It's a simple idea but it works, says J.M. Barbas, manufacturer of a new "crop split-ter" for grainheads that's designed to improve crop flow into the combine by eliminating plugups at the feederhouse.
The problem is that grain is fed into the center of the header from both sides of the grainhead by the feeder auger. Grain cut at the center of the auger often jams up be-cause it gets caught in the flow of material coming from the sides.
The crop splitter consists of a pointed divider that directs flow of material in the center of the header to either side so that it joins the flow of crop material into the feederhouse rather than trying to feed right into the middle of it. Barbas says it lets you increase field speed as much as 10 percent while at the same time virtually eliminating plugups.
Made of lightweight metal, the splitter fits any grainhead, simply bolting to the center of the platform. Sells for $675.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Barbas ET Plailly, Usine de la Plaine, 41800 TROO, France (ph 54 72 58 55; fax 54 72 40 76).

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