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New Cylinder, Concave For Deere Combines
"It's 140 times stronger than Deere's original cylinder and will run true under all conditions for near perfect separation," says combine specialist George Kuchar, Carlinville, Ill., who designs and builds replacement cylinders and concaves for Deere combines.
Deere's original cylinder consists of a pipe shaft down the center with support braces mounted at intervals down its length. Rasp bars mount on the support braces. "This design doesn't provide enough support. You can look at any bar after it's been on for a while and it'll have a bend in it. Also, because of the open design, dirt and other material builds up inside the cylinder and imbalances it. This causes it to run unevenly and do a poor job threshing and also prematurely wear out bearings and belts."
Kuchar's cylinder consists of a 16-in. dia. pipe made from heavy gauge, 3/8-in. thick steel. Rasp bars mount directly to supports welded to the outer circumference of the pipe. Kuchar says that, in effect, the pipe replaces the center shaft and eliminates the need for the support braces that carry the bars on Deere's cylinder.
"It's much stronger and at least four times heavier than the original cylinder but it's perfectly balanced. Because of the closed design, dirt and debris can't get into it. Existing belts and bearings are heavy enough to handle it and, in fact, will last longer because the cylinder runs so evenly without the hammering action most operators experience," says Kuchar.
In addition to changing the design of the cylinder, Kuchar also changed the angle of the rasp bars slightly, leveling them out. "The bars are angled so sharply the way they come from the factory that they pinch. These run more smoothly over the concave and do a better, more consistent job," he explains, adding that he uses the original equipment rasp bars.
Kuchar has also developed a new and heavier concave. He says it has 2 more bars than the original and is simply built much heavier. No modification of the combine itself is required to install either the concave or cylinder. They'll fit any Deere machine. He's working on a modification for Case/IH Axial Flow machines.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, George Kuchar, Kuchar Sales, P.O. Box 595, Carlinville, Ill. 62626 (ph 217 854-9838).

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