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Planter Chain Saver
"We made this chain saver so we wouldn't lose so many chains off our Deere 494 planter and our older model Buffalo planter," says Ivan Runyan, Coin, Iowa.
The chains Runyan has trouble with drive the insecticide and herbicide boxes on the planter he uses for no-till planting. Sometimes the chains get loose and simply come off, while other times stalks get between the chain and sprocket and pop them off. That results in down time spent looking for and installing chain.
Runyan made his chain saver from flexible ?-in. dia. flexible rod. He forms it into a "U" shape and mounts it over the chain by wrapping the ends around bolts on the planter frame or welding them into place. At the center of the U-shaped rod he mounts a short bolt that fastens to the planter frame at the center of the chain. If the chain comes off, it catches on the bolt.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ivan Runyan, Rt. 1, Box 20, Coin, Iowa 51636 (ph 712 582-3202).

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